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January 2016

Personal Migration to the UK

Migrating Families now need English Level A2

By Family Law, Immigration Law

Since November 2010, non-EEA (European Economic Area) partners of British citizens or persons settled in the UK applying for a visa under the family route have been required to demonstrate that they can speak and understand basic English. Now, these persons will need to prove they can speak and understand English at A2 level. On the 18th of January, the Prime Minister announced a new English language requirement for migrant families seeking to extend their…

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Child Custody and Contact

What is Child Custody?

By Child Residency, Family Law, Legal Advice

Our family solicitors have written this helpful guide to help you understand child custody. What is child custody law? Firstly, it may surprise you to learn there is actually no such thing as child custody any more. As of April 2014, it is referred to as Child Arrangement Options, or Child Residency. However, we’ll refer to it as custody in this blog for simplicity. In the many cases, parents preference is for joint custody (or…

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Indefinite leave to remain

UK Immigration Opportunities for Nurses

By Changes in UK Law, Immigration Law

If you were not already aware, in 2015 a number of Immigration Rules were changed. In short, these changes mean that immigration to the UK has become more difficult. To further complicate the issue, appeal rights have also been cut back. However, there are benefits to the changes, especially for nurses. In this article, we want to focus on one major change in particular — one which affects immigrants from outside the European Economic Area…

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