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February 2016

35k threshold

The New £35,000 Immigration Threshold

By Changes in UK Law, Immigration Law, Legal Advice

Thanks to new immigration rules set out by Theresa May, migrants from outside Europe who have lived in the UK on a Tier 2 for more than five years will have to prove a salary of at least £35,000 to stay in the country. Those who don’t meet the threshold will be denied settlement and face deportation. This will come into effect at 6th of April. Why has the threshold changed? The threshold currently stands…

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uk visa

Advice on UK Visas

By Immigration Law, Legal Advice, Visas

If you aren’t British or a citizen of an EU Country and you would like to visit, work in, or settle in the UK, you’ll need to apply for a UK Visa or entry clearance. To help you understand the different options for entering the UK, we’ve written this short guide explaining what a Visa is and what applying for one entails. What is a Visa? A Visa is what’s known as an endorsement. Essentially it entitles…

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good character immigration

UK Immigration and the Importance of Good Character

By Changes in UK Law, Immigration Law

In this article, we look at how easily British citizenship can be refused if an applicant is found to have been dishonest at any point in the immigration process. This is because it counts as poor character. For you to be successful when applying for a visa or leave for remain you need to demonstrate good character. We’ll be looking at two cases that perfectly illustrate this issue. The case of Mr Rushiti [2014] EWHC 3931 (Admin) involves two linked cases, both…

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changes to immigration law

Changes to Immigration Law affecting EEA nationals

By Changes in UK Law, Immigration Law, Visas

As you will have seen in our previous articles, in 2015 UK Immigration Law underwent several key changes. Here is the latest of these changes, which came into effect just before Christmas. As of the 12th November 2015, all nationals from the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland will have to obtain a permanent residence card before they can apply for British citizenship. Generally, a person who is not applying on the grounds of marriage or civil…

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online courts

Online Courts – Digital Courts for a Digital Age

By Arlingsworth News, Changes in UK Law

Electric cars. Smart thermostats. Voice controlled homes. It seems that technology is making every aspect of our lives easier. Now it looks that technology could come to the rescue in the area of legal advice too, with online courts. What are online courts? The official new proposals by Lord Justice Briggs outline concepts for an online, lawyer-free court that could handle claims of up to £25,000. Here is what Lord Justice Briggs as said about…

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