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March 2016

gender discrimination

Gender Discrimination

By Discrimination, Employment Law

Today we want to talk about gender discrimination – what forms it can take, how prevalent it is, and what you can do to fight it. At Arlingsworth, we believe in taking a stand against discrimination. We’ve helped dozens of people with discrimination over the years, and we understand it can be very upsetting. Here’s our short guide to one kind of discrimination in particular, and that’s gender discrimination. What is gender discrimination? Under UK…

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Employment solicitors

Changes to Employment Law in 2016

By Changes in UK Law, Employment Law

This year, the government is making a range of Employment Law reforms that will affect almost all employers in the UK. The reforms have been considered controversial, but as an employer you need to ensure that you’re following the law. And, as an employee, that your employer is following the new rules. That’s why our experts here at We Talk Law have put together this guide – to tell you what the changes are and how…

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How to Deal with Discrimination in the Workplace

By Discrimination, Employment Law

Dealing with discrimination in the workplace is never easy, but also, it should never be stood for. At Arlingsworth Solicitors, we have helped many clients over the years battle and put right workplace discrimination. Although we would always recommend getting legal advice in any case, we’ve put together this simple guide to help you understand what you can do to fight discrimination. What is discrimination? By legal definition, it is: The unfair treatment of an…

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Arlingsworth Wins Important Commercial Law Case

By Arlingsworth News, Commercial Law

In this article, Arlingsworth are pleased to share the news of a recent success on a Commercial Law case that involved a multi-million pound organisation having their assets frozen. Read the details below to find out how we won: Last week, Arlingsworth Solicitors were involved in a high net-worth case which involved the freezing of a company’s assets up to the value of £3.5m. The assets were subject to a Freezing Order that had been…

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eu referendum

A Guide to the EU Referendum

By Changes in UK Law, Commercial Law, Employment Law, EU Referendum, Family Law, Immigration Law, Legal Advice

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has announced a referendum on whether Britain should remain in the European Union to be held on Thursday 23 June. In this new article, to help you understand what the EU Referendum and “Brexit” are, and discuss what leaving the EU could mean  for UK citizens and migrants. What is a referendum? A referendum is simply a vote in which almost everyone of voting age can take part in. It’s usually a…

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