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May 2018

Supreme court, where the symptom free personal injury judgment was made

Landmark Supreme Court Case Redefines Law for Symptom Free Personal Injury

By Changes in UK Law, Personal Injury

Landmark Supreme Court Case Redefines Personal Injury Law The Supreme Court, the highest Court in the UK, has recently ruled a landmark decision confirming that the former employees of the chemical company, who developed a sensitivity to platinum salts, should be compensated – even though their condition was symptom free personal injury. This decision has basically redefined personal injury law accepting that an asymptomatic physiological change caused by employer’s negligence can constitute an actionable personal…

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Those flags of union and EU to represent Brexit, immigration and employment

Brexit, immigration and employment

By Changes in UK Law, EU Referendum, Immigration Law

Brexit, immigration and employment Immigration Following the initial publication of the draft withdrawal agreement on 28 February 2018, EU Counsel and UK Government held a joint Brexit, immigration and employment press conference on 19 March 2018 to announce that they had reached an agreement regarding key issues of the withdrawal agreement. The most important information provided by this conference was the length of the transition period (as well as some details about the process) and…

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Wooden couple on split fabric: when will the maintenance payments end

When Does the Clock Stop Ticking and Maintenance Payments End?

By Changes in UK Law, Divorce, Family Law, Litigation

When Does the Clock Stop Ticking? In 2014, Kim Waggott was awarded a settlement of £9.76m and £175,000 in annual maintenance payments for life, after she divorced from her multimillionaire husband, William Waggott. Following the decision, Mr Waggott protested stating that the ruling was wrong on the basis that it would not encourage his wife to ever return to work. Mrs. Waggott, who stopped working in 2002, claimed that she should be entitled to a…

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