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October 2019

Tier 4 Student Category: A Breakthrough for International Students

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The Home office released a statement relating to Tier 4 Student on 11th September 2019 to introduce plans in regards to a new immigration route which is offering a two year visa for international students after graduating from a UK university. This will come as welcome news to international students who are planning on staying in the UK after their studies in order to find work. At present, Tier 4 students must either leave the UK…

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Grandparents’ rights of access in respect to access to their grandchildren

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Grandparents do not have an automatic right of access to their grandchildren, that is, legal right to see their grandchildren if a parent denies them access. There is no legal presumption that contact with a grandparent, or any other extended family member, is in a child’s best interests. In Re A (A minor) (Grandparent: contact) [1996] 2 FLR 153 Butler-Sloss LJ presumed that a parent should have contact with their child unless there are cogent…

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