Fortnite and divorce

We’ve gone from children stealing credit cards to the creation of questionable dance moves thanks to Fortnite but now we have hit another low. Fortnite and divorce is a thing. Reports have suggested that the game, which has pulled in over $1 billion of revenue is being blamed for irretrievable breakdowns in relationships.

What is Fortnite?

For those who have not yet managed to cross paths with this game, Fortnite was released in 2017. This animated, high-performance online game assigns gamers to ‘save the world’, battling against other players from across the globe. With various high profile figures broadcasting their love for the game, the game’s popularity has continued to increase at an enormous rate.

Fortnite v Relationships

Considered as one of the most addictive games created, there is not only a concern with what the game is doing to a person’s mental health but also to their personal life. A whopping 72% of non-gaming spouses felt their partner’s gaming had a negative effect on their relationship. A combination of increased quarrelling and erratic bed retirement times has led to progressively lower levels of marital satisfaction.

It has even sparked the notion that couples are divorcing due to gaming addiction, with statistics suggesting that 200 couples have filed for divorce already in 2018, citing ‘addiction to Fortnite’ as one of the main reasons for the marriage breakdown.

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