The New Immigration Skills Charge

At Arlingsworth, we recognise the value of being up to date with the latest Immigration changes and laws, especially in light of Brexit, and this blog details the government’s planned Immigration Skills Charge coming into force in April 2017.

What is the Immigration Skills Charge?

  • The Charge will be imposed on Tier 2 employers who are recruiting skilled workers.
  • The price is set at £1,000 per year for every non-European citizen holding a Tier 2 permit.
  • There is a reduced charge of £364 per Certificate of Sponsorship per year, which will apply to small and charitable organisations.
  • Exemptions to the charge will be in place for PhD-level occupations, international students switching from Tier 4 Student Visas to Tier 2 Working Visas, as well as those falling under the ‘Intra Company Transfer Graduate Trainee category.’

Aims behind the Charge:

  • To reduce Britain’s reliance on migrant workers.
  • To encourage British businesses to recruit and train UK employees, to fill those jobs.
  • The exemptions are in place to retain talented workers and students, in order to protect the UK’s reputation for education and research.

When does the Charge come into effect?

  • The planned implementation of the Charge is the 6th April 2017.

This Immigration Skills Charge may result in many businesses using the next few weeks to acquire non-European Union citizens, without having to pay the ‘Immigration Tax’ for another year. It is also possible that in the future, this Skills Charge will be imposed against EU and EEA citizens as well. However this will be dependent on Brexit and the outcome of negotiations between the UK and EU.

If you are concerned about your rights and where you stand in relation to this future charge, don’t hesitate to call our Immigration experts on 01273 696962. Alternatively, you can request a callback, or email You can also follow us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn for any other important news and updates.