Our expert immigration solicitors here at Arlingsworth can advise you on all aspects of immigration law specific to your needs. No matter if you are an individual, local authority, business or charity, our team of experts are on hand 24/7 to deal with you while providing an absolute service.

As part of our absolute service, we specialise in all aspects of immigration law including:

    • Naturalisation, or the acquisition of citizenship;
    • Asylum applications;
    • Business immigration;
    • UK visa applications;
    • Deportation;
    • Extradition;
    • Immigration appeals and tribunals; and
    • Settlement, or an indefinite leave to remain.

Our team are proud to specialise in all aspects of immigration law, ensuring we can advise you no matter the issue involved. Providing you with an absolute service is something we pride ourselves on and we will continue to uphold the unrivalled and professional service we offer you at Arlingsworth.

Our solicitors are dedicated to promoting and safeguarding the interests of our clients. This includes through:

    • Promoting and improving the advising and representation of immigrants;
    • Providing information to members and others on domestic and European immigration, asylum and nationality law; and
    • Securing a non-racist, non-sexist, just and equitable system of immigration refugee and nationality law practise.

Certain members in our team have continued to enjoy huge success when advising clients on immigration law, and our Director, Rahil Chaudhari, has recently been voted as one of the top 175 solicitors in the UK by the Sunday Times. He has previously been invited by the BBC to give an interview on a previous client’s case, both on BBC South Today and BBC Radio Sussex. During these interviews he discussed the rights of his client and what the issues surrounding deportation are, just one of the many areas of immigration law Rahil specialises in.

Another member of our immigration law team, Christopher Hussey, has enjoyed widespread praise from other experts in the field. One immigration law expert, Adam Pipe, who has been shortlisted for Barrister of the Year on numerous occasions, has stated that he has been “impressed with Christopher’s work as an immigration solicitor and the thoroughness of his preparation of cases.” He also described Christopher as “a conscientious solicitor who clients will warm to and build a trusted relationship with”, which is central to ensuring that your interests are first and foremost on our mind.

They have both also been highly recommended on Solicitor.info with one client saying that Rahil and Chris made possible an “almost impossible” visa application and another client highlighted the “excellent service” Arlingsworth solicitors had provided him with, as any questions raised were “answered promptly and accurately.” Another client on Vouched For, who was applying for a visa, believed there was nothing more he could ask for “regarding their service, it’s very professional and helpful.”

With our commitment to putting your interests first and our quality services available 7 days a week, with offices in London and Brighton, we will ensure that we are the immigration law experts you are looking for. If you are in need of advice on any aspect of immigration law you can contact our team of expert immigration solicitors on 01273 696962. Alternatively, you can

request a callback or email info@arlingsworth.com. You can can also follow us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn for any important news and updates relating to immigration law.