Welcome to Arlingsworth’s Commercial Law Department

Our expert commercial lawyers offer advice and assistance in a variety of commercial matters. We not only provide legal advice on employment and immigration law, and the day -to-day running of a business, but we can also undertake complex commercial and corporate transactions and disputes, spanning a range of industries and sectors. We are also able to draft and review all forms of contracts and commercial agreements for any situation.

Our commercial lawyers work closely with leading experts to analyse risks, protect assets and resolve disputes as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Our matters are often high value and can involve a number of international jurisdictions.

Commercial Agreements

If your company or business needs a commercial agreement drawn up by a professional solicitor, or you need an agreement looked over, call Arlingsworth’s expert commercial lawyers today. We can assist with the review, drafting and implementation of franchise agreements, umbrella agreements, development agreements, share purchase agreement as well as distribution, agency, joint ventures, concessions, IP licensing and service agreements.

Immigration appeals

Heads of Terms and Preliminary Agreements are also known as letters of intent, memoranda of understanding, term sheets or heads of agreement, and are generally contained in a short document outlining the main terms of a commercial transaction agreed between the parties in principle. Our commercial lawyers can draw up and review both Preliminary Agreements and Heads of Terms.

Corporate Insolvency

A company or partnership is insolvent if it has insufficient assets with which to discharge its debts and liabilities, which is essentially a question of fact rather than one of law. Different tests to determine insolvency apply, depending on the context in which the expression is used. Arlingsworth’s commercial lawyers are well-versed in a range of insolvency situations, and are here to help.

Commercial Disputes

Disputes relating to corporate matters, including those involving shareholders, can often lead to significant disruption in the day to day running of the business. We are experts in resolving these disputes both decisively and sensitively. Clients value our expertise and also recognise our ability to advise on the most appropriate range of resolution options available including alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation.


There are various aspects that need to be considered when setting up a business, from the name of the organisation to the actual type and structure of the organisation. Making an initial investment in the legal aspects of your business at any early stage means a lower risk of encountering future problems further down the line.

Trade Finance

The main aim of any finance arrangement (entered into by a corporate entity) is to create or maximise value through the choice of the most suitable finance structure. This covers share structure, buying and selling assets and companies, and raising money through equity or debt finance. Our commercial lawyers are experienced in all areas of trade finance and will offer you bespoke, tailored advice to suit the needs of your company.

Employment, business and investment in the UK

Cyber law, or internet law is a term that encapsulates the legal issues related to use of the internet. It is less a distinct field of law than intellectual property or contract law, as it is a domain covering many areas of law and regulation. It also covers online defamation, online trading, and of course dispute resolution. If you want to assess your cyber liability, get more information from our commercial lawyers.

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