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Expert Commercial Lawyers


Expert Commercial Solicitors

When you require guidance and assistance with various operational, commercial, and contractual aspects integral to your business, Arlingsworth’s team of highly regarded commercial solicitors is your initial point of contact.

Catering to a diverse clientele ranging from new and rapidly expanding ventures to well-established national and multinational brands, our services extend nationally, covering London and the South East of England.

Arlingsworth’s commercial solicitors cover a broad spectrum of business-related services from day-to-day commercial agreements to supply chain management and shareholder agreements our team of commercial solicitors collaborate with you to provide the information and advice you need in order to make informed and commercially successful business decisions.

Our specialised services encompass business advisory, supply chain management, IT contracts, information law, outsourcing/insourcing, and other business contracts. We actively listen to you and go to great efforts to understand your goals. We use our extensive knowledge base to determine the most appropriate means of delivering the requisite target.

Complementing Arlingsworth’s commercial solicitors, the firm boasts a dedicated team for commercial litigation which handles contractual, financial disputes , and company shareholder/director disputes.

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    Company Formation

    At Arlingsworth Solicitors, we specialise in ensuring correct company formation tailored to your unique business needs. Our experienced commercial lawyers provide expert advice on tax optimisation and compliance, guiding you through the intricacies of legal responsibilities, shareholder agreements, and other vital aspects of business law. 


    Commercial Agreements

    Navigating the complexities of the legal landscape requires a versatile approach. Our extensive experience and deep expertise empower us to craft and advise on a broad spectrum of commercial agreements, including Terms of Business, Franchise Agreements, Construction Contracts, and more. Trust us to understand your unique objectives and provide assistance where others might hesitate.


    Commercial Property

    Arlingsworth proudly presents a team of skilled commercial property specialists committed to navigating the intricate landscape of property agreements. From negotiating leases to advising on due diligence, our solicitors stand by businesses, ensuring favourable terms and mitigating risks for clients across the UK.


    Corporate Insolvency

    A company or partnership is insolvent if it has insufficient assets with which to discharge its debts and liabilities, which is essentially a question of fact rather than one of law. Different tests to determine insolvency apply, depending on the context in which the expression is used. Arlingsworth’s commercial lawyers are well-versed in a range of insolvency situations, and are here to help.


    Cyber Law

    Cyber law, or internet law is a term that encapsulates the legal issues related to use of the internet. It is less a distinct field of law than intellectual property or contract law, as it is a domain covering many areas of law and regulation. It also covers online defamation, online trading, and of course dispute resolution. If you want to assess your cyber liability, get more information from our commercial lawyers.


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