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Company Disputes


Company Disputes

Operating a business is a gratifying endeavor, yet it comes with its share of challenges. Collaborating with fellow directors, partners, and shareholders accelerates business growth, but what happens when disagreements arise among you?

Recognising that not every aspect goes according to plan, and the weight of statutory obligations, as well as the safeguarding of business interests, can occasionally lead to disputes, our commercial litigation team steps in.

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    With years of experience, we adeptly and discreetly handle and resolve director, partnership, and shareholder disputes.  We swiftly identify potential issues and offer professional guidance, striving to avoid court proceedings whenever possible and ensuring your business stays on course.

    We consistently advocate for the establishment of partnership or shareholders’ agreements as a preventive measure, as these can significantly expedite dispute resolutions. Whether such agreements are in place or not, our team efficiently collaborates with you to identify problems, assess your desired outcomes, and proactively advise on available options. Considering putting a partnership or shareholders’ agreement in place? Learn more about our services.

    Prompt resolutions are instrumental in preventing business standstills, and our team prioritises settling disputes in a manner that enables all parties to move forward.

    Supported by corporate and commercial practitioners, our commercial litigation team at Arlingsworth provides a comprehensive solution for managing your director, partnership, or shareholder dispute. This includes facilitating share transfers or sales if necessary to finalise negotiations.

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