At Arlingsworth, we realise how sensitive inheritance disputes can be and know how important it is to have probate solicitors who offer a prompt and sympathetic service, during what can be a very distressing time for clients.

With the absolute service we provide, you will feel reassured that our solicitors are the right ones for you. Our experts have experience and are accomplished in many areas of contentious probate. These include:

    • Inheritance Act claims;
    • Disputed and Fraudulent Wills;
    • Any Will challenges, such as accusations of a lack of mental capacity;
    • Disputes over any property and assets;
    • Estate administration disputes;
    • Disputes over the identification of beneficiaries.

Our team pride ourselves on our ability to advise you on your case no matter the type of probate issue or dispute involved, providing an unrivalled, absolute service to our clients.

We also ensure the confusing probate laws are understood by you, allowing you to understand probate and inheritance, while giving effect to the wishes of the deceased in a quick and timely manner. This allows the assets and property to be passed to the intended beneficiaries as soon as possible. As part of administering and distributing the estate, according to the terms of the will, our probate experts will arrange for inheritance tax if applicable, and then apply to the Probate Registry for the administration and distribution to occur, once the details of the will have been determined by us.

Rahil Chaudhari is one of our probate experts, and has recently been voted as one of the top 175 solicitors in the country by the Sunday Times. One of our many previous client testimonials states that “his positive way of thinking and calmness certainly reassured me”, showing the type of service you will get from him, and from our other experts when dealing with your case. The team have also been praised in another testimonial as being “very understanding and compassionate” and being an “absolute pleasure” to work with. Rahil has also been named as one of the best ten legal advisors in the Brighton and Hove area on Vouched For, with one of his key fields being Wills and Probate. Another review found on states that Arlingsworth provides an “excellent service, great client communication and lots of attention paid to details.”

If you are in need of advice on an inheritance dispute and require quick results, don’t hesitate to contact our team of expert probate solicitors on 01273 696962. Alternatively, you can  request a callback, or email With our services open 7 days a week and offices in London and Brighton, we aim to provide a quality service available to you whenever you require them, in the South East. You can also follow us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn for any important news and updates relating to wills and probate.