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Corporate Insolvency


Corporate insolvency

What is Corporate Insolvency?

A company is deemed insolvent if it is incapable of settling its debts as they fall due. Corporate insolvency is an intricate matter that necessitates the assistance of a corporate insolvency solicitor. The corporate insolvency solicitors at Arlingsworth will collaboratively elucidate your alternatives and lead you through the diverse “rescue” mechanisms and procedures that might enable the survival of an insolvent company. Our focus throughout is on pragmatic and commercial advice designed to help you meet your objectives.

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    How can we help?

    The lawyers within our specialised insolvency team collaborate with you to address challenges arising from a financially distressed business, encompassing formal insolvency, restructuring, and dispute resolution.

    In collaboration with insolvency practitioners, businesses, lenders, debtors, and creditors, our insolvency solicitors offer guidance on all facets of insolvency, covering legal disputes, security enforcement, asset realisations, and business sales.

    If formal insolvency proves to be the appropriate path for your business, we can facilitate connections with reliable insolvency professionals and extend assistance and legal counsel prior to taking that step.

    In cases where formal insolvency options are not the optimal choice, we strive to deliver alternative and more effective corporate restructuring outcomes, whether through rebuilding, reorganising, or demerging.

    Furthermore, we advise individuals affected by a business’s financial distress, addressing concerns related to director disqualification, misfeasance, and bankruptcy.

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