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Discrimination Solicitors

Discrimination in the workplace is unlawful under UK Employment Law. If the discrimination led to your employment being terminated, you may be able to claim compensation, irrespective of how long you were employed. Talk to our discrimination solicitors for help on making a claim.


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    What is Discrimination Law?

    Discrimination Law involves being treated differently because of characteristics such as your race, religion, country of origin, nationality, ethnic group, gender, sexuality, maternity issues, disability or membership of an organisation. There are equal opportunities provisions in law which strive to create a “level playing field”  in the work place obliging employers to employ people, pay, train and promote them only based on their skills abilities and how they do their job.

    Claiming for Discrimination and
    Loss ofEarnings

    As we said above, if discrimination has led to your employment being ended, then you may be able to claim compensation, regardless of how long you were employed. Our discrimination solicitors can help you fight the case in an Employment Tribunal. If the discrimination hasn’t led to your employment being terminated, we’ll be pleased to advise you on whether you are entitled to resign and claim compensation for lost earnings.

    We can help you claim against Discrimination

    Over the years, our expert discrimination solicitors have helped dozens of people claim for cases of discrimination in the workplace. We have also helped many businesses fight unfair cases brought against them. So whether you are an employee or employer, if you’re dealing with discrimination, trust in Arlingsworth for the legal advice you need. Contact us on 01273 696962 or click the button below to contact us directly.


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