Domestic Abuse


Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse manifests itself in a variety of forms – physical, emotional, financial, sexual, and mental. We firmly believe in providing comprehensive support to all survivors of domestic abuse, helping them regain safety and move forward from its impact.

Domestic abuse encompasses more than just physical violence; it also includes coercive and controlling behaviour, which was criminalised in the UK in December 2015.

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The police have the authority to take protective measures and pursue legal action against abusers. Family lawyers play a vital role by applying to family courts for non-molestation orders (designed to shield you and your children from harm by a current or former partner) and occupation orders (which regulate residency in the family home).

Arlingsworth’s specialised domestic abuse solicitors are here to guide you through your legal options. Injunction proceedings can be swiftly initiated, tailored to your specific circumstances, to provide you with court-endorsed protection. If you find yourself in immediate danger, dial 999 and seek assistance from the police. You can also contact the National Domestic Violence Helpline at 0808 2000 247 or visit

It’s important to note that some survivors of domestic violence may qualify for legal aid, although please note that we do not offer this service.

How can a family lawyer assist you?  

Arlingsworth’s expert family solicitors help you take legal measures to protect yourself from your abusive partner through the family court. There are two main types of injunctions available:

While the duration of these orders may vary, they typically last for six or twelve months, and can be extended if the other party continues to pose a threat.

Arlingsworth’s family lawyers will guide you through the application process, including court hearings, and ensure all the necessary paperwork is properly prepared.

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