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Estate Disputes


Estate disputes

If you find yourself excluded from a Will or have reservations about its accuracy, you may have grounds to contest it. Determining whether to challenge a Will is a significant decision, especially considering potential conflicts with other family members. However, Arlingsworth’s experienced and adept contentious probate solicitors are available to provide guidance and support throughout the process.

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    Some individuals draft their own Wills without seeking proper legal advice, leading to issues such as poor drafting and clerical errors. These can result in disputes over the true intentions of the individual. If uncertainties arise, you can pursue an application to the court to interpret the Will and rectify any mistakes. Additionally, misunderstandings may lead to individuals who anticipated inheritance being excluded.

    If you believe you’ve been unfairly disinherited, missed out due to someone’s lack of a Will, have suspicions about the circumstances in which a Will was made, or question the mental capacity of someone leaving their estate to questionable beneficiaries, our experienced contentious probate solicitors are here to assist.

    Grounds for contesting a Will typically encompass the following:

    Our contentious probate solicitors can provide assistance in various scenarios:

    For legal advice about contesting or disputing a will, contact one of our specialist contentious probate solicitors on 01273 696962 or get in touch for a confidential initial consultation.


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