The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Programme serves as a path to U.S. permanent residency through significant investment, designed to stimulate economic growth by attracting foreign capital. Launched in 1990, this initiative allows investors and their immediate families to apply for a Green Card under two investment options: direct investment in a new or existing enterprise, or through a Regional Centre, which pools investments in designated projects.

Investment Options and Requirements:

  • Direct Investment: Investors must engage in the day-to-day management or policy formation of the enterprise. The programme mandates a minimum investment of $1,050,000, or $800,000 in a targeted employment area (TEA) which includes rural or high-unemployment areas.
  • Regional Centre Investment: This option allows investors to assume a more passive role, focusing on general oversight while the Regional Centre manages the practical aspects. This route aims to promote economic growth in specific regions through strategic projects.

Job Creation and Economic Impact:

Every EB-5 investor must create or preserve at least ten full-time jobs for U.S. workers within two years of the investment. This requirement underscores the programme’s goal of job creation as a core measure of success.

Application Process:

The journey begins with filing Form I-526, Immigrant Petition by Alien Investor, followed by either adjusting status to a conditional permanent resident in the U.S. or applying for an EB-5 visa abroad. Upon fulfilling the job creation and investment requirements for two years, investors can seek to remove conditions on their residency through Form I-829.

Recent Changes and Reforms:

The programme has undergone significant reforms to increase transparency and combat fraud. These reforms have adjusted investment thresholds for inflation and tightened oversight, particularly for the Regional Centre route.

Considerations and Challenges:

Investors need to navigate complex legal requirements and potential changes in U.S. immigration policy. The importance of comprehensive due diligence and the engagement of experienced legal counsel cannot be overstated.

Seeking Help and Advice

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