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Child residency determines which parent should be responsible for the care and well being of a child following separation or divorce.

If you are thinking of applying for residency for your child, our Family Law solicitors can advise you on the best course of action and guide you through the entire process.

What is Child Residency?

While many parents cooperate when it comes to sharing their children and resort to mediation to settle a dispute, not all do. In this case, a court decides on their behalf. This is residency, often still called “child custody”.

In England and Wales, if it becomes necessary for the court to deal with the arrangements for a child’s residency, with which parent, and whom the child will be allowed to have contact then the court will make its decision based on the facts of the cases presented. A court order is legally binding unless it is challenged through the appeal process.

Changing Court Orders

A court order can be varied if there are reasons which meet the statutory guidance to justify a change. It is expected that, the terms set out in a negotiated agreement or court order relating to children should be followed. It is therefore highly advisable to seek legal advice from our family solicitors if you are involved in any situation involving children where you require help and guidance.

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Advice on Childcare Support

You may be facing a situation where regulatory or government authority decide that a child you have a connection to should be removed from their usual home to be looked after elsewhere.

These are extremely complex matters and can cause significant stress and disruption. Our Family Law solicitors will be able to advise you on the nature of the issues, what’s involved and whether you can challenge the decision.

If we advise you to challenge the Local Authority’s decision to place a child in care, then we can also help you with your case and application for a hearing.

Get specialist advice on Child Residency and Childcare Support

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