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Financial Arrangements On Divorce

Financial Arrangements on Divorce

Arlingsworth’s team of experienced lawyers specialises in providing expert guidance and negotiating financial settlements for our clients. With a wealth of experience, we offer sound advice to help secure your financial future. We take the time to understand your objectives and collaborate with you to develop a strategy for resolving your case efficiently, minimising stress, expenses, and time. Rest assured, we will vigorously represent your interests throughout the process.

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    When determining financial arrangements in divorce cases, various factors are considered, such as the duration of the marriage, the ages and financial circumstances of the parties involved. We will thoroughly explain how each of these factors applies to your specific situation. It’s important to note that there is no automatic 50-50 division of assets or income, contrary to popular belief. We can guide you on the anticipated settlement through avenues like court proceedings, negotiation, collaboration, or mediation.

    Even if a settlement is reached directly between you and your spouse, seeking advice on the fairness and legality of the agreement is crucial to ensure its enforceability.

    The court can order the sale or transfer of property, payment of lump sums, sharing of pensions and payment of maintenance.  We regularly look after clients who have complex financial arrangements, including trust assets, pensions, multiple properties, business assets and investments. 

    We can advise and represent you if you have to take urgent legal action to protect your assets in the UK or worldwide, such as preventing your spouse or partner from concealing or disposing of assets.  

    We understand how international wealth, trusts and inherited wealth impact upon divorce settlement and have close ties in all countries of the world.  We have real expertise in handling the divorces of large estates and farming families. 

    We will work collaboratively with accountants, valuers and financial advisors, and when times get tough, we will bring in therapists and witness preparation support when necessary.

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