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Former Cient Of Crosby Woods

Are You a Former Client of Crosby and Woods?

Crosby and Woods’ offices have permanently closed. If you are a former client of theirs, we may be able to assist you with any ongoing legal matters you have.


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    Closure of Crosby and Woods

    The Solicitors Regulation Authority has closed down the practice of Crosby & Woods Solicitors of Sussex House, 75 Church Road, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 2BB. This happened on 11 October 2021. Lester Aldridge has been appointed to help the SRA with the closure process.

    What has happened to my file?

    The SRA are in the process of removing the files that were held at the offices of Crosby & Woods Solicitors.

    Transferring live matters

    You may have been in the midst of a live transaction or court proceedings at the time Crosby & Woods closed down. We are here to help you. The process of transferring your file is relatively simple and involves obtaining your files from the SRA’s intervention agents by completing a transfer request.

    Requesting old files

    Old/closed files are held at the SRA’s Intervention Archives (IA) in Coventry. You will need to contact the SRA to request your file. This is something we can assist you with.

    What has happened to my money?

    The bank accounts of Crosby and Woods Solicitors have been frozen and the funds held in the accounts have been transferred to the SRA and are being held on behalf of clients as part of the closure of the firm. If you believe that Crosby and Woods Solicitors were holding money on your behalf, contact the SRA directly.

    Wills, Trusts and LPAs

    If Crosby and Woods drafted your Will or were acting (or set to act) in future as your executor or trustee, then we can assist you in terms of renewing such documentation. Please visit our Private Client page for further details.

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