Deportation and Administrative Removal Lawyers

Deportation and Administrative Removal Lawyers

All countries reserve the right to deport a foreign person, even those who it considers to be residents. In the UK, foreigners who have committed a crime, entered the country illegally, overstayed the conditions of their UK visa, or lost their leave to remain in the country may be deported.

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    Under the Immigration Act 1971 the Secretary of State has a discretionary power to make a deportation order. This requires a person to leave the UK and prohibits him/her from lawfully re-entering the UK while the order is in force. It also invalidates any existing leave to enter or remain. A person may not legally enter the UK whilst an order is in force; entry clearance and leave to enter will be refused to such a person. The consequences of a deportation order are likely to be profound and life-changing both for the individual who is being deported and for their family members alike. In certain circumstances the Home Office may take steps to deport family members in addition to the individual who is the subject of the deportation order. If you or a family member have been served with a deportation order you should seek urgent specialist advice. There is only a short period of time in which the decision can be challenged. We offer expertise in all aspects of human rights law which is often the main basis of opposing a deportation.

    Administrative Removal

    Under the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 a person may be removed from the UK under the authority of the Secretary of State or an immigration officer if the person requires leave to enter or remain in the UK but does not have it. The most common grounds for administrative removal are that a person has remained beyond the period specified in his limited leave, or has broken a condition attached to it. Being administratively removed from the UK can have incredibly damaging consequences insofar as future visa applications are concerned. A person who has been removed from the UK and has previously been an overstayer may be the subject of a re-entry ban. It is important to involve an immigration specialist in early course in order to try and mitigate the damaging consequences so far as possible.

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