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Litigation Solicitors


Litigation Solicitors

Arlingsworth Solicitors boasts an interdisciplinary team of experienced litigators who are consistently expanding their expertise. Our litigation solicitors will comprehensively detail all available options and devise a strategic roadmap for your case to ensure the best possible outcome.

Having expertise in mediation and negotiations, our litigation lawyers are prepared to aid in resolving your dispute and will strive to avoid court proceedings where possible. In instances where court proceedings become unavoidable, our thorough and robust approach is tailored to furnish you with the legal counsel required to attain the most appropriate and cost-effective resolution for your situation. While litigation can be an intimidating experience, our team will systematically guide and support you through the process, offering regular cost updates and collaborating closely with you to achieve your objectives.

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    Estate disputes

    Challenging a Will can be a intricate decision, often stemming from issues such as insufficient legal guidance in drafting, disputes over intentions, or unfair exclusions. Arlingsworth’s seasoned probate solicitors offer thorough support, encompassing grounds such as testamentary capacity, undue influence, and more. 


    Property disputes

    Our experienced property litigation team specialises in resolving disputes for both commercial and private properties. From covenant breaches and rights of way disputes to dilapidation claims and Party Wall Act conflicts, we provide strategic solutions, including alternative dispute resolution methods, ensuring clients are well-informed before legal actions. 


    Contractual disputes

    In the intricate realm of contractual relationships, disputes are unavoidable. Arlingsworth Solicitors, boasting a team of experienced contract dispute solicitors, provides prompt and cost-effective resolutions to various issues, including breaches, misinterpretations, and fraud. 


    Company Disputes

    Navigating business challenges is rewarding, but disputes among directors, partners, or shareholders can arise. Our seasoned commercial litigation team at Arlingsworth specialises in discreetly resolving such conflicts, prioritising prompt solutions to keep your business on track. 


    Bankruptcy and insolvency claims

    Experiencing financial challenges? Our legal experts offer guidance on bankruptcy, asset management, and alternatives. Get in touch at 01273 696962 for personalised advice and explore options to navigate through difficult times.



    Defamation encompasses false and harmful statements that damage the reputation of individuals or businesses, with libel and slander as distinct forms. Successful defamation claims require proof of untrue, exaggerated, intentionally misleading statements that harm the subject’s image.


    Classic Car disputes

    Classic car ownership involves matters where other specialists play an important part, and in many cases they can facilitate pragmatic and financially sound outcomes. At Arlingsworth, we have built up an unrivalled network of specialist contacts including accountants, auctioneers and insurers, amongst others, who have the best applicable expertise tailored to the Classic Car Litigation matters in hand.


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