Arlingsworth has an interdisciplinary team of litigation solicitors who are continually growing in expertise. We come highly recommended by independent legal guides, as we recognise that litigation is not always the best way to resolve disputes.

Our litigation lawyers will explain all of the options available to you and any possible implications for each option. Where possible, we endeavour to resolve matters by mediation or reach a settlement without the need for court action. At Arlingsworth, we know that this minimises expense and undue stress for our clients.

Landlord disputes

Disputes and disagreements are a fact of economic life. They are part of the business of owning or occupying property. Resolving these disputes should be approached in an equally commercially-minded like way; analysing the risks, weighing up the rewards and pushing hard for a result that makes pragmatic sense. Our litigation solicitors will do this for you.

dispute resolution solicitors

There are many ways to resolve a dispute, and court proceedings should only be considered as a last resort if all other options fail or if for any reason other possible solutions are not appropriate. Where possible, Arlingsworth’s litigation solicitors will help you to try and reach a negotiated settlement as quickly and as amicably as possible.

Corporate Insolvency

A company or partnership is insolvent if it has insufficient assets with which to discharge its debts and liabilities, which is essentially a question of fact rather than one of law. Different tests to determine insolvency apply, depending on the context in which the expression is used.

Bankruptcy Lawyers

An individual is insolvent if they have insufficient assets with which to discharge any debts and liabilities. Sections 267 and 268 of the Insolvency Act 1986 set out circumstances in which an individual is deemed unable to pay their debts when a bankruptcy petition issued by one of the individual’s creditors. If you’ve been declared bankrupt, talk to our litigation solicitors.

Financial Disputes

From large companies to individuals, if you are having a financial dispute then you can trust in Arlingsworth. Our cases are often high value and our particular strength is in the swift resolution of highly sensitive and complex disputes. We regularly act on behalf of both individuals and corporate entities for a variety of financial disputes.

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