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As you can see, we’ve made some drastic changes to our new website. Over the past few months, we’ve been improving behind the scenes – improving the design, the functionality, and the quality of the information we provide. Read on to find out how this site can help you.

Here’s more about what we changed:

  • Firstly, we’ve add accessibility functions – for visitors who need to increase text sizing or the colours on the site, there is now a small tab on the right hand side of every page that can customise the site.
  • We’ve added more legal advice – throughout our pages, you’ll find helpful information on each type of legal issue we can help with, and what you need to be aware of. Our blog is also packed with helpful articles.
  • We’ve made it better for mobile – our site works a lot better on smartphones and tablets, meaning you can get the advice you need on the go.
  • The site’s easier to navigate – we’ve designed the site so that you can contact us from any page, and every type of law is arranged under easy headers.
  • We’ve made it easier for you to contact us – we’ve made our 24-hour legal advice number easier to find, and also offer callbacks for anybody who needs legal advice.
  • There’s a lot more information about Arlingsworth, and what we’re like as a company – you can find that under About Us.
  • You’ll also find our accreditations and testimonials throughout the site – this helps you to understand you’re in good hands when you let us help with your legal issue.

Whatever you need help with, from immigration and family law, to personal injury claims and employment issues, now provides more help and information, as well as easy ways to get in touch with us. Plus, we think it looks a lot better!

If you have any suggestions or feedback to offer, then please feel free to drop us a line at, where we can hopefully incorporate your thoughts back into the site. We’re keen to make sure our new website does everything you need it to do.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget that if you need advice, you can call us at 01273 696962 Monday to Friday, or on our weekend and evening line – 07502 333 636.

The Arlingsworth Team