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Criminal Injury Claims

If you have suffered a criminal injury, the chances are that you may be entitled to compensation as a result of the injury itself and because of any emotional damage suffered.

Making a Criminal Injury claim

Arlingsworth has a criminal injury claims department with many years of experience in maximising compensation for the victims of crime. We will act for any criminal injuries claimant on a conditional fee agreement basis, ensuring every claimant can feel free to pursue a claim with peace of mind.

Common Criminal Injury cases

A criminal injury is defined as one or more personal injuries sustained in Great Britain that are directly attributable to one of the following qualifying events:

  • A crime of violence
  • An offence of trespass on a railway
  • The apprehension or attempted apprehension of an offender or a suspected offender
  • The prevention or attempted prevention of an offence
  • Or the giving of help to any constable who is engaged in any such activity.
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