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Redundancy Solicitors


Redundancy Advice

Redundancy is becoming frequently more common in our turbulent economic climate, as firms or business units close, re-organise or are taken over and employers decide to reduce their workforce. If you’ve been made redundant, or are facing losing your job, talk to Arlingsworth’s redundancy solicitors for expert redundancy advice.


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    What is Redundancy?

    Under UK Employment Law, redundancy is a form of dismissal. However, it is a special type of dismissal to which different rules and requirements apply, and your employer has to follow these rules in order for redundancy to be legal. If not carried out in accordance with the requirements of Employment Law, redundancy could lead to a claim for compensation due to wrongful or Unfair Dismissal. It’s recommended to use the help of a redundancy solicitor to help you claim.

    Redundancy Legal Advice

    Those being made redundant have legal rights:

    Our redundancy solicitors can help you exercise these rights.


    Speak with our Redundancy Solicitors

    If you have been made redundant and feel that your employer has not followed the correct process or abided by employment law, then call our redundancy solicitors solicitors today. We’re open 7 days a week and always happy to help. Arlingsworth have helped win many employment cases over the last few years and our experts pride themselves on their absolute service.


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